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Dino Gives Back

As surfers and business owners Dino believe that giving back is important. We have chosen two charities to work with, donating a portion of our sales each year to the Nosara Ocean Safety Foundation and The Surf For All Foundation. Two of Dino's founders, Avi Rosan and Nate Rosan, had the opportunity to work with Nosara Ocean Safety to learn about water rescue. Through this experience they deepened their knowledge of ocean safety and hope to bring this same experience to more people.

What Is Nosara Ocean Safety? 

"Our mission is to support and empower our beach town through ocean safety education, awareness initiatives and prevention training programs to keep our shores safe. ‘NOS’ in Spanish translates to ‘us,’ which is fitting, as our goal is to work in collaborative efforts within the community. 

We are here to build a strong public movement in water safety practices. 

We believe that with proper education and awareness of the environment, most accidents at the beach are preventable. We are committed to making sure that you and your loved ones can safely enjoy all the benefits of our beautiful coastline, and hopefully, come away with a greater appreciation for the powerful and diverse conditions of the ocean.

We have the ability to make an impact on this community, for today, tomorrow and for generations to come".

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Nosara Ocean Safety Collaboration

All Profits Are Donated to Nosara Ocean Safety Foundation

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What Is Surf For All? 

"Surf For All’s roots originated in 2002 with the development of a surf program for developmentally disabled teenagers. Over the years we expanded our outings to cover a broader spectrum of disabilities– autism, cerebral palsy, global developmental delays, visual impairment and others. We work closely with the Long Beach School District and provide weekly lessons at no cost for students ages five to twenty during the Summer Special Education Program. We provide programs for the economically disadvantaged. We have also expanded to work closely with Wounded Warriors, providing lessons and support for our military heroes and their families."

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