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Three High School Students Launch Lifestyle Surf and Skate Brand During Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: Mar 1, 2022


NEW YORK, April 22, 2021 ( - During the pandemic, three teens got together and decided that the mainstream surf brands didn't capture their vision for what a surfing, skating, and adventure sports lifestyle brand could be. They decided to create Dino Surf and Skate as a more personal and unique brand that would capture their own aesthetic. "We were skating and surfing a lot during the early days of the pandemic, as that was really the only thing we could do," said Avi Rosan, age 16 and one of the partners. "With a lot of stores closed, we thought it could be fun to launch our own surf brand online," he added. Because of Covid-19, the three boys had remote school. They decided to use their free time to launch a business to sell apparel that captured their idea of the outdoor sports lifestyle. "I have always wanted to start my own business, and this felt like the right time," said partner Simon Vulliez, age 15. "We joked that Nate's artwork was better than what was in stores, and I thought he could design T-shirts that would appeal to skaters and surfers like us," he added.

Thus began Dino Surf and Skate, an apparel brand owned by three high school students from New York.

"I really wanted to design some unique pieces that captured what makes skating and surfing special for us," said partner Nate Rosan, Avi's twin brother. "It's hard to explain to anyone that hasn't experienced the feeling of adventure sports, but if they have, then they get it. Through my art, I try to capture that sense of freedom, community, and the joy of simpler things," he added.

"Surfing, skating and being out in nature is what kept a lot of us sane throughout this pandemic," said Simon Vulliez.

Once they decided to launch their business, the boys built the Dino Surf and Skate e-commerce website, created and started to post to social media accounts and formally registered their business. They chose Dino Surf and Skate as a nod to primeval times, an element felt in many of their shirt designs.

Nate Rosan, one of the three partners, is a student at the famed Fiorello Laguardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Arts in New York, otherwise known as the "Fame" school. Nate worked over the spring and summer to design the Dino logo and the various artwork used on the apparel.

Partners Simon Vulliez and Avi Rosan worked to design the company's website and back end systems.

"The fulfillment process was more challenging than I expected. Even folding and packing T-shirts takes time," joked Avi Rosan. "But on a serious note, with lots of orders coming in, we had to come up with systems to track sales, get shirts ordered, and to be sure pieces were received, packed up, and shipped. It's been quite a process to learn everything," he added.

From registering the business, to designing their website, to setting up credit card, shipping, and sales tax accounts, the boys have had to learn about the basics of business from the ground up.

The boys have big plans for the future and they hope to expand the Dino Brand to compete alongside the more well-known brands both online and in retail stores.

"We envision our products in shops throughout the country and being worn by well known surfers. It'll take time and hard work, but we're committed to building a brand we can be proud of," said the boys.

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