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Teen Founders of Surf Brand Collaborate With Nosara Ocean Safety

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

New York, NY and Nosara, Costa Rica - Avi and Nate Rosan, two of the teen founders of Dino Surf and Skate, learned to surf on the beaches of Nosara in Costa Rica and have always had a strong connection to the community.

When they heard about Nosara Ocean safety (NOS), a local organization that was founded after several unfortunate drowning deaths in the area, they knew they wanted to somehow get involved to support the group’s ongoing educational work. Giving back has always been a part of Dino Surf and Skate’s mission and this charity felt close to them.

The boys approached their third partner, Simon Vulliez, who also saw the significance of the work that NOS was doing to train local members of the community in basic ocean awareness, ocean rescue and CPR.

Together, the three founders decided to dedicate a page on Dino’s website to NOS merchandise, including T-shirts, hats, and tote bags. All profits from sale of this merchandise goes directly to NOS to help them in their mission. They also added a link for direct donations to the organization and plan to further promote the charity on their social media accounts.

In order to better understand and connect with NOS’s work, Avi and Nate Rosan joined a basic ocean rescue training session, where they learned from NOS instructors the same skills that surf instructors, lifeguards and other members of the community are taught to assist in ocean rescues.

“I realized how difficult it is to actually perform an ocean rescue” said Avi Rosan, age 17. “Prevention is definitely preferable to a rescue, and if NOS can train as many people as possible in the community to recognize risks, more lives will be saved, without the need for a rescue” he added.

“It was a physically demanding and eye-opening day” said Nate Rosan, also 17. “We actually simulated scenarios in the water and learned how to bring in a drowning victim, with and without a floatation device” he added.

Since its founding in early 2021, Nosara Ocean safety has trained hundreds of members of the local community, as well as surf instructors and lifeguards in the Nosara beach area. It has also purchased and provided valuable lifesaving equipment to the Bomberos (local firefighters), who serve as lifeguards in the community.

Dino Surf and Skate sells surf apparel and accessories, featuring artwork designed by partner Nathan Rosan, who is a student at the prestigious Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for Music and Art and the Performing Arts. The business’s mission is to capture the essence of the surf lifestyle in its designs and style while being socially conscious and giving back.

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